November 19, 2021

CoolCarMan and Fleming's Ultimate Garage bring selected classic American cars to EU

In the early 2010's I worked as a salesman at Fleming's Ultimate Garage, for 5 years.

It was an great time that deepened my knowledge of cars and the inner workings of the US classic car market.
I think it's fair to say that without that experience there would probably be no CoolCarMan, and over the last decade we have kept doing business together. Which brings us to the present, where in a continuing effort to bridge the EU and US market, we have have agreed to offer a selection of Fleming's inventory of American classics to European buyers.

On THIS PAGE you'll find a curated inventory of the most sought after American classics. All these cars are priced to include delivery via ocean freight to any major EU port.

Every one of these cars has been hand picked and inspected before sale: we can provide all relevant paperwork, including receipts to show what work was done on the cars to get them ready for sale. We strongly believe that documentation is everything when it comes to the value of a classic!

How we remove the issues and questions of buying a classic car from the USA:

1) The condition of the vehicle is documented and we provide photographs, videos, (even live ones where you can decide what to look at!). All offered cars can also be inspected by an independent appraiser of your choosing.

2) We gladly offer to help you maintain your investment after your purchase: maintenance, upgrades or just simple advice. We also welcome the option to help you either change or return your vehicle to the market at a later stage should you want to do so.

3) The transportation is taken care of us, it's even included in the price!

4) We handle all the necessary paperwork for you to be able to register the car, or we can take care of that as well.