How does it actually happen?

After we determine what you are looking for, we setup an appointment with the seller to go inspect it in person.
We believe that the inspection should be done by a professional, in person, and that same person should be the one writing the report.

We normally spend an average of an hour looking, photographing and test driving the car (this can vary as inspecting a small city car is different than an exotic sports car or a big truck).
You’ll receive a written report about the car’s condition, where every aspect gets evaluated, such as paint quality, mechanical condition, identifying serial numbers, suspension, brakes, undercarriage, documentation, proof of ownership and any issues we can find during the visit.

This goes hand in hand with photographic evidence, expect 60-100 high resolution pictures, and a worded evaluation based on the inspection and the test drive. To ensure you have a clear idea of the condition of the vehicle, we follow up via phone or email to review the report together.

How much does it cost?

An average inspection costs 450 Euros, including travel costs of up to 200 km (total). Additional travel costs are covered by you (i.e. air-fare, hotels etc...).

Often the inspection is followed by our help negotiating the price, purchase process, transport and registration of the vehicle.