Custom Builds

Sometimes it's not possible to find the vehicle you want ready for purchase, so you have to restore one.
From simple touch ups and service to a full restoration, we can get it done from beginning to completion. We collaborate with top professionals, each specialized in a field, being bodywork, upholstery or mechanical and use our experience to make sure your project gets done.

Here are some samples of the work we have tackled in recent years.

1. 1974 Fiat 500 full restoration, with personal touches such as the interior, colors, custom radio housingm white wall inserts and a luggage rack with a handmade luggage to match the interior colors

2. 1992 Land Rover Defender frame off restoration, custom interior as per customer's desire, brand new OEM air conditioning system, oversized tires with Wolfe steel wheels

3. Custom interiors made in Italy to your liking.