The idea of arranging a shipping across the world, for something large and often expensive as a vehicle, can be confusing , we are aware of that.

There are multiple ways to ship vehicles between Europe and USA and vice versa.
Depending on the size of the vehicle, the speed and level of protection you'll want, the prices for an average sized car will begin at circa 2000 Euros for RoRo shipping service (where the car is driven into a special ship that is essentially an enclosed large ferry, and tied down to the ground). The next option would be the classic shared container (around 3200 Euros) and lastly the fastest and most expensive option is air-transport (around 13,000 Euros).

The main difference is speed: a car shipped by air can be into a different country and through customs a week after departure, with a ship it's generally 3 to 5 weeks. 

Documentation and insurance

The paperwork needed is the car's title (or registration, depending on country of origin), a sales contract and the personal information of the buyer (including a valid ID or passport). This is to allow the origin country to erase the car from it's systems and the receiving one to add it as a registered vehicle.

Regardless of what option you pick for transport, we can offer options to protect your purchase from the moment it's picked up to when it's delivered. The cost is value dependent,  generally around 1.5% of the cost of the vehicle + the cost of shipping.

After the arrival

Once the actual travel has occurred, the vehicle will have to go trough Customs inspection. Every country handles this differently due to taxes and regulations. Most countries apply import duties before the release of the goods, and it's part of our job to make you aware of these costs.
After we get the vehicle through customs we can arrange for it to reach it's final destination via land, or you can arrange pick up yourself if you prefer.

At this point, with the documents we provide and the vehicle in your hands, you will be able to register it and start driving it.

We work with CFR Rinkens for most of our international vehicle shipping needs . As global leaders of their industry for over 25 years, we trust them to safely pick-up and deliver your car.


Here is a batch of cars we had acquired for US customers leaving from Italy. From the moment they are picked up, to when they are delivered to you, they can be insured against damage or total loss for a small fee. We strongly recommend this extra option as it's literally "cheap insurance".