Some customers might want a specific car model, others might have a more vague idea and need more information in finding the right vehicle for their needs. The first part of our work is to determine what you are looking for and providing options based on your requirements.


We make arrangements with the seller to meet and physically inspect and appraise the car. The result is a document that captures the current state of the vehicle, looking for defects and hidden issues, with a written part accompanied by numerous pictures and video. 

Help to Buy

We work with you and the seller to try and get the best deal possible, facilitating all passages involved in an international money transaction, including all information and paperwork that the parties will need. 


We work with CFR Rinkens for all our international vehicle shipping needs. As global leaders of their industry for over 25 years, we trust them to safely pick-up and deliver your car.

Custom Build

A different approach is to have a car built to your liking, it being original or modified. We help find the right starting point (or you can provide it), and get it built using our connections created over the years.

Classic Car Broker Service

“Cool Car Man”

“Cool Car Man” classic car broker service is a company that connects the sellers and buyers across the Atlantic (US and EU Markets). We agree with the customer what vehicles are of interest (the customer being private or corporate), and subsequently search the market for viable options to present. Once the customer decides which options he’s interested in, we physically go and

appraise the car with an array of tools and present the findings in a professional format along with our suggestions on the vehicle’s value. If the customer agrees to purchase the vehicle, we facilitate the purchase process providing the parties with all relevant info and producing the necessary paperwork to proceed to handling the shipping of the vehicle(s).

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